Toxon Archery

Toxon Archery provides instruction to all who are interested in either discovering or advancing their shooting skills. Whether you are looking to shoot recreationally, competitively or bow hunting—we offer classes to fit your needs. Archery is great fun for the whole family—all ages and genders.

One-time class that teaches the basics of archery and instill the rules of the range.

One 1-Hour Introductory Class:
Ages 5 & Up

Designed to develop form, focus and shot execution. These classes create a foundation of strength, consistency and accuracy. Archers will continue to learn range rules and etiquette.

Four 1-Hour Sessions: $90 - Ages 5 & Up

Once a proper foundation is formed, these classes are designed to focus on advanced techniques. These advanced classes with focus on the archer's individual skills and goals.

Six 1-Hour Sessions: $125 - Ages 5 & Up


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